Testing the Mini John Cooper Works Cabrio

When I tell people I’m testing the Mini Cabrio, some of them responded: That’s a girls car! Little did they know that I was testing the Mini on steroids. As we wrote in a former article, before this car is released on the road it has been sent to the gym a couple of times. With the steroid design, the car looks very different then it’s sibblings, driving around we get a lot of attention.

The noise comming out of the exhaust is so much fun! When nearing a traffic light, we pray it will turn red so we will able to perform a standing start, and hear that roaring noise. It’s addictive and never stops to motivate us to drive. The acceleration to 100 kilometers per hour is done in just 6.6 seconds. The 231 BHP from the 2.0 litre twinturbo BMW engine feels powerfull and fast.

Especially with the top down this car is amazing. The feeling of freedom, the sounds coming from the engine and exhaust make you want to go faster and further. You will find yourself taking the long way home.

There are three settings in the car: green, standard and sport. This is also the one mistake Mini made. When selecting the sportmode the car is lowered down, and the steering, power and brakes are sharper. On the dashboard a picture is shown of a Go-Kart and a rocket. So why not call it Go-Kart mode? Or maybe rocket mode? That would have made a big impact. Tesla has Insane and Ludicrous mode. So what do you think? We think it really suits Mini to have Go-Kart or Rocket mode 😉