Tour Optic 2000

The tour de France for classic cars. When I was in Paris last month I didn’t realise the Tour Optic 2000 would be starting the same weekend. Sitting at a nice bar, I see a lot of spectacular classic cars driving by. Around the corner four trucks are being unloaded. The driver tells me the start is in two days. Lucky me!


Is het een Ufo? Of toch een Tesla Model X?

Na lang wachten eindelijk de beloning, de Tesla Model X is al enige tijd te koop in Europa. Door alle drukte is het nog niet mogelijk om met een auto op pad te gaan langer dan een paar uur. Dit kan pas begin 2017 wordt mij verteld. Toch besluit ik te wachten, zodat ik de Model X grondig kan testen. Door het testen van in de Tesla Model S P90DL kijk ik er echt naar uit om met de Tesla Model X te rijden.


Testing the Mini John Cooper Works Cabrio

When I tell people I’m testing the Mini Cabrio, some of them responded: That’s a girls car! Little did they know that I was testing the Mini on steroids. As we wrote in a former article, before this car is released on the road it has been sent to the gym a couple of times. With the steroid design, the car looks very different then it’s sibblings, driving around we get a lot of attention.


Video: Tesla Model S P90D Ludicrous VS Grandma

We have all seen the many video’s on Youtube of people reacting to the Ludicrous mode of the Tesla Model S P90DL. It is scary how fast the car is but is staying quiet en relaxed.

How better to test this with then our 89 year old Grandma. Will she get scared, have a heart attack?

See what happens!